Farah Private Wealth Management, LLC

Investment Solutions for Private Investors

Customized managed accounts are what we do. Most investment firms require a minimum $1 million of investable assets to access the “High-end” client services, we require only $500,000 minimum. From the bottom to the top, investors look for the same things: results, long term goals, expert advice, flexibility, tax advantages, contact with a personal Investment Advisor. Our record proves we provide these to all clients. Our core investment offerings have been designed to serve as the foundation for most investment plans. High and low net worth investors use Farah Advisory Services to manage individual portfolios, family trusts & foundations, retirement and rollover assets.

Specifically designed to meet your unique needs, managed accounts accommodate a variety of individual investment goals. Portfolios are managed according to a client’s needs, such as deferring taxable events or avoiding concentrated positions in a single security or sector. Farah Private Wealth Management first works with you to define your:


Risk Tolerance

Time Horizon

Other Investment Needs

Then we will customize a personal portfolio that is appropriate to your needs.

You are the most important part of your future;
Farah Private Wealth Management will help you plan for it.