Farah Private Wealth Management, LLC

Why Farah

Farah Private Wealth Management

1. Flexible Investment Approach

Farah Private Wealth Management manages your investments based on your personal goals and our forward-looking views of the market. Our dynamic, flexible approach to investing positions portfolios to benefit from opportunities we see in the global market. As we manage your portfolio, we educate you along the way so you have the knowledge to understand what’s happening in your portfolio and why. We find this transparency helps clients feel more comfortable with their investments.

2. Transparent Fee Structure

At Farah Private Wealth Management, we have a simple, transparent fee structure based on the size of your portfolio. We don’t earn commissions so there’s no incentive for us to buy or sell investment products or trade your account frequently. This aligns our interests with yours: in other words, if you do better, we do better.

3. Unparalleled Service

At Farah Private Wealth Management, you have a dedicated Investment Counselor who serves as your day-to-day contact. Your Investment Counselor knows the full details of your account and works to ensure your service needs are met promptly and accurately. Farah Private Wealth Management does not sell investment products. They have one job: serving you, the client, by helping you stay on track toward your long-term financial goals.

4. Established History

Michael Farah has been a Money Manager for over 44 years. He is a Trustee for many families, trusts and foundations. We work with our clients' CPAs, and tax and estate planning attorneys to deliver seamless transactions for family trusts and foundations. Michael Farah is a certified trustee recognized by the American Bankers Association and is certified as a CTFA (Certified Trust and Financial Advisor).