Farah Private Wealth Management, LLC


People are living longer and have more opportunities to form their own path for retirement. With so many avenues to take it’s more important than ever to have clear and defined plan to reach your unique retirement goals.

Farah Private Wealth Management will help you:

  • Define your goals

  • Save and invest before retirement

  • Invest and drawdown in retirement

Defining your Goals

Financial independence, having enough assets to provide an income that
will support the lifestyle you desire, is the goal of retirement planning.
Defining this lifestyle and what you will need to support it is the first stride in retirement planning

Estimating Expenses

You may see yourself living more simply or doing the things you always dreamed of. Whatever your plan for retirement is, planning for expenses is as important as planning your investments. It’s true that work related expenses will go down, but you may find that savings are offset by more frequent dining out, travel, entertainment and health services. You will also need to plan for the amount of tax you must pay when drawing income from 401(k)s and other tax deferred accounts. Farah, with many years of retirement planning experience, will help you plan for every aspect of your retirement and establish a realistic plan.

Setting Goals

For most, pensions and Social Security will not be enough to completely cover your retirement plans. This gap must be filled with revenue from invested assets. Farah will help you set asset and target investment return goals by considering key factors like taxes, inflation and the length of time you plan to spend in retirement. Some questions to consider when setting goals:
• How much will I spend while in retirement?
• How long will I spend in retirement?
• What other sources of income are available?
• How much will taxes and inflation affect my income?
• What percent of return will I likely earn on my portfolio?

Our trustee services. Automatic bill paying, electronic transfer and private office facilities service these clients in ways other firms lack

Saving and investing prior to retirement

After establishing your retirement asset goals, you will be ready to develop an action plan. You will need to plan and consider:

  • Monthly assets to set aside
  • Eligibility for new higher contribution and catch-up limits
  • Returns needed to meet retirement goals
  • Investments to reach those goals
  • How to take full advantage of taxable and tax-deferred accounts

Your strategy

Farah Private Wealth Management will help you choose investments for your portfolio to meet your goals and recommend an asset allocation strategy that reflects your risk tolerance, time frame and objectives.

It has been pointed out in this brochure that we have been managing assets and portfolios for over forty-four years. We have served in some cases, three generations from the same families. Industry insiders have joked that our clients are some of the oldest souls who walk the earth.

To this, we plead guilty!

We have gained great knowledge, insight and wisdom from our older clients, not to mention patience. We have adapted and learned to respond to their particular needs.

A number of our clients reside in assisted living facilities, senior housing or have some nursing services in their homes. We are skilled in servicing these needs, and, are one of the very few investment firms who service these needs as part of our normal operations.

The core of every retirement plan is the investment portfolio