Farah Private Wealth Management, LLC

Trustee Services

There are many times where an Independent and Certified Trustee is preferred over a personal friend or family member.  An Independent Certified Trustee is a Fiduciary whose main job is to follow the Trust documents and use his experience to help beneficiaries understand the progress.

Experience has taught the Bank Industry, the larger the Estate, the larger the need for an Independent Certified Trustee.

Michael Farah has an excellent unblemished record as a Trustee. He has an
extensive working record of Securities, Notes, Real Estate, Oil and Gas Rights, Entertainment Issues and Trademark Protection. Unlike a bank, Michael Farahvisits all locations, family members and even heirs who may be incapacitated. His extensive experience with clients in their later years help us supersede the services rendered by most banks.

Michael Farah is certified by the American Bankers Association and his knowledge of Bank Limitations is most valuable.

Regardless of your background, source of wealth or family dynamics, managing significant wealth is best handled by a Licensed and Certified Fiduciary. The larger the estate and or family members the more issues families have fought over. Within larger families, economic disparities are likely to be present amongst its members.

Unlike a bank, many family members have become clients of Farah Private Wealth Management. According to the American Banker Association, less than 10% of beneficiaries and or family members will stay with the bank after the Trust is distributed. Our members at Farah Private Wealth Management are the exact opposite. We believe it is the personal service we offer. We allow any Beneficiary to come in to our office with privacy to discuss their concerns or to be educated in the Process and Trust Law. This would never happen at a bank.

“Addressing an Array of Specialized Wealth Needs That May Affect You and Your Family”

Today’s families are complex, with closely intertwined lifestyle and financial needs.  A family’s diverse values, generation differences and varied planning objectives may require a customized approach.

“Your Vision for the Future”

Realizing your vision for the future requires a carefully crafted Estate Plan and the knowledge and guidance for the family.

An Estate Plan can help transfer wealth, fulfill philanthropic goals, minimize wealth transfer taxes, maintain privacy, protect assets and provide ongoing management of your affairs if you no longer want or are unable to manage them.

Having served generations of families, we have the knowledge, resources and experience to handle Trust and Estate with sensitivity and the highest level of professionalism.